Nestled on the Northwest side of beautiful Anacortes WA, the Skyline Marine Center and surrounding Skyline community has a rich and fascinating history. Currently one of the fastest growing communities in Anacortes or the surrounding areas, Skyline was originally home to WF Industry-Mills.

Opening its doors in Skyline in 1924, WF Industry-Mills was one of the largest wood mills in the Puget Sound. Exemplified by its (at the time) state of the art drying and milling facility, WF Industry-Mills was a staple of the wood milling industry of the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, union strikes forced the mill to close in 1952.

Even though it’s been over 60 years since the mill was in operation, its footprint still finds a very useful purpose today. The area that once featured the main mill building now provides homes for 5 different condominium buildings. The one-of-a-kind dry and milling building still stands today and sees regular use by the marina for indoor boat storage.