Boat Bundle

Starting in 2019, Skyline Marine Center is excited to announce the addition of a new boating program called the Boat Bundle—an all-in-one service that provides Travelift transfers, pressure wash and scotch brite cleaning, moorage, lay days in our DIY yard, parking, and (wait for it…) GUARANTEED year-round indoor shed storage for boats 30 ft. and up.

Genesis of the Boat Bundle

One of the most popular programs at Skyline is our Valet Service. Our version of this common hotel amenity, the Valet Service at Skyline lets customers store their boat in our facility and gives them unlimited opportunities to have their boat moved in and out of the water by our crew. The best part is that it’s the same price every month. Whether we launch the boat 3 times a month or 10 times, the price never changes.

The only limitation is that participants of the Valet Service must have their boat on a trailer and be under 30 ft. Unfortunately, that leaves a large portion of our customers unable to participate.

Introducing the Boat Bundle

The Boat Bundle seeks to provide the same convenience, flexibility, and savings of the Valet Service, but focuses on the specific needs of larger boats. Typically, the frequency of moves is less important for larger boats, but the services included with those moves is extremely important. 

What’s included in the Boat Bundle?

  • Guaranteed year-round indoor shed storage
  • 30-amp power in shed
  • 3 Travelift moves per year
  • 2 pressure wash cleanings per year
  • 1 scotch brite cleaning per year
  • 2 nights of guest moorage per year
  • 3 days in our Do-It-Yourself lot per year
  • 1 annual parking pass
  • Environmental fees included in the bundle

The purpose of the Boat Bundle is to provide everything that a boat owner would need over the course of a year in one cost-saving package.


  • Guaranteed Shed Storage: Over the past several seasons we’ve reached the maximum capacity for our indoor storage facility by mid-October. We manage the availability of storage on a first-come first-serve basis, and unfortunately have to turn people away because we run out of room.
    • Boat Bundle members will never have to worry if there’s going to be room. As a member of this program your boat will always be on our shed storage list!
  • Savings: By bundling all of these different services into one program, we’re able to lower the price of each individual item and consolidate everything into one monthly rate. In many cases you’ll be saving 20% or more than if you were to be purchasing everything individually.
  • Predictability: It’s no surprise that it’s expensive to own and maintain a boat. But what can sometimes be surprising is the bill you get moving your boat to and from the water. With the Boat Bundle, you’ll never be surprised by a large bill—every payment is the exact same each month.
  • Flexibility: There are no restrictions to when you can use the features of the Boat Bundle. Simply call or email to schedule an appointment and we take care of the rest!

Feel free to give us a call, send an email, or stop by if you’d like more information or to see specific pricing options available for your boat.