PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Skyline Marine Center, LLC is currently planning a two-part project that will expand moorage capacity within the marina, update the fuel dock, and provide more clearance for boats that are hauling and launching from the marina.

The first part of this project will increase moorage space along the main walkway leading to the fuel dock. This would add 11 new finger floats to the existing walkway and relocating the fueling float to the terminal end of what is now the fuel dock. This will be 12×100 feet and will amount to 1,676 sq. ft. of new overwater coverage. Eleven new steel piles will be driven by impact hammer, seven creosote piles will be replaced with nine steel piles.

The second part of this project will adjust the positioning of the existing staging float by roughly 10 degrees to the north and increase the length of that dock by 30 feet. By repositioning this float we will add an additional 10 feet of clearance to the haul and launch lifts. Four creosote piles will be replaced with five steel piles.