Updated 09/2022

Copies of these rules are available in the Skyline Marine Center Office

All boats need to be pumped out prior to haul out. Owner agrees that any work approved by marina will be done by following the Mandatory Best Management Practices as recommended in the Department of Ecology’s (Resource Manual for Pollution Prevention in Marinas) and as well as the Clean Marina Washington (BMP’s). I further agree to hold Skyline Marina (operated by Skyline Marine Center, LLC) harmless and to assume all responsibility for occurrences, accidents, injuries or damages whether by myself or by persons designated by me, and do acknowledge that I and persons designated by me are competent in the use of Skyline’s boat handling facilities.

General Rules:

·         Owners/subcontractors must provide a current certificate of liability insurance of $300,000 or more AND list Skyline Marine Center as an additional insured on the policy prior to arrival. Policies must be maintained for the duration of time your vessel is in our facility.

·         Owners/subcontractors are not permitted to work on boats inside the indoor or outdoor storage facilities without prior written consent from the marina office. Failure to notify SMC prior to working on your boat will result in a $250.00 fine, per occurrence, and possible removal from the storage facility.

·         SMC is not responsible for any loss or damage to vessels or property resulting from fire, theft, accident, vandalism, or acts of God, nor are we liable to owners, guests, etc. working or visiting Skyline property.

·         All invoices/charges are due prior to vessel launching/departing. SMC requires all storage and DIY customers to have a valid form of payment on file.

·         Owners/subcontractors will not operate, handle, or board any marina equipment including, but not limited to, Travelift, monorail, forklifts, aerial lifts, hydraulic lifts, pressure washers, power tools, etc.

·         Owners/subcontractors must sign in and out every time in the marina office. Failure to sign in/out will result in a $40.00 non-compliance fee per day, per individual.

·         Owners/subcontractors are not allowed to live/sleep aboard boats in the shed, yard or DIY.

·         The use of drugs or alcohol on marina property is prohibited. No smoking inside storage shed or yard.

·         Lay-day charges begin on the day of haul-out, drop off, or unloading of a vessel. Actions by owners and/or their agents that delay the arrival/ability to haul-out, drop off or unload may also result in lay-day charges.

·         Haul/launch appointments more than 30 minutes late will be charged $50.00 and may result in rescheduling to a different time or day. Additional lay-day charges will apply in these circumstances.

·         Good Faith Rule: Contractors will not solicit business while working at Skyline Marina. Non-compliance with this rule will result in loss of yard privilege.

·         Submission of any application does not guarantee space for a vessel. Space for storage, DIY, or moorage must be approved by SMC. Please contact our office prior to submitting any applications.

Storage Rules (Indoor & Outdoor):

·        Absolutely no exterior work is allowed on vessels in our indoor
or outdoor storage facilities. This includes sanding, cutting, drilling,
scraping, washing, waxing, stripping, painting, coating, varnishing, welding, engine
repair, etc. Some minor interior work is allowed in the shed/yard storage with
prior written consent from the marina office.

·        Owners/contractors are only allowed access to vessels during
business hours. Anyone found inside our storage facilities outside of business
hours will be fined $250.00, reported to law enforcement, and the vessel will
be removed immediately from our facility.

·        Owners may not park a vehicle in our storage facilities after
hours. The space around your vessel must remain clean and clear of any
supplies, equipment, gear, etc.

·        No driving vehicles into the shed. Operate all vehicles 5 mph or
less when in the yard/DIY.

Vessel Maintenance & Repair Rules (DIY Yard):

Example of proper tenting: fully enclosed with plastic, supports for plastic to rest on, tenting attached to hull of boat and secured to ground (note: tenting doesn’t need to be shrink-wrap material like this picture)

·         ALL vessel maintenance and repairs must be approved by marina staff prior to starting any work and must be done in the Do-It-Yourself yard unless otherwise agreed upon.

·         No sanding, scrapping, stripping, painting, varnishing, cutting, welding, etc. without fully enclosed tenting around entire work area. Ground cover is required and will be provided by SMC at a rate of $1.00/ft. Additional plastic is available if needed.

·        Tenting must be secured to the vessel and ground plastic and be fully enclosed. Tenting must be able to withstand elements such as wind or rain. If owners/contractors are unable to maintain a secure enclosure they will be asked to stop all work, clean the site immediately, and re-tent the vessel. No work may resume without approval from SMC staff.

·         Vacuum sanders are required. Marina must approve vacuum sander prior to use.

·         Wet sanding is only allowed on the sling marks and must be approved by the marina prior to sanding. Consult with the yard manager or office prior to wet sanding. NO washing or rinsing boats in the DIY yard.

·         You must control AND collect all particles, oils, dusts, flakes, drips, debris, etc. from work areas AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY. Vacuum or sweep work area and properly dispose of material/debris upon completion of work each day.

·         No chemicals of any kind are allowed to enter the storm drain. This includes oil, fuel, antifreeze, paints, detergents, cleaning agents, etc.

·         Consult with yard manager or main office prior to disposing of any zincs, oils, thinners, solvents, resins, antifreeze, etc. (chemicals). Do not dispose of in dumpster without approval.

·        There is a $5.00/hr subcontractor fee for all independent contractors working in our facility. This subcontractor fee is billed out to the owner of the boat.

·         Marina recommends the use of non-copper paints and aluminum anodes.

·         ALL adjusting/moving of boat stands or blocks will be done by marina staff. NO EXCEPTIONS.

·         If you decide to change your work plan after submitting your DIY application, all changes must be approved in writing with the office prior to beginning any new work on your boat.

·         Skyline employees must inspect tenting prior to disassembling from boat. This is to ensures no unnecessary debris escapes the tent enclosure during the cleanup.

Anyone found operating outside of these or other posted rules will be fined $250.00 per occurrence