All boats need to be pumped out prior to haul out. Owner agrees that any work approved by marina will be done by following the Mandatory Best Management Practices (BMP’s) (Section 3) as recommended in the Department of Ecology’s (Resource Manual for Pollution Prevention in Marinas) and as well as the Clean Marina Washington (BMP’s). I further agree to hold Skyline Marina (operated by Skyline Marine Center, LLC) harmless and to assume all responsibility for occurrences, accidents, injuries or damages whether by myself or by persons designated by me, and do acknowledge that I and persons designated by me are competent in the use of Skyline’s boat handling facilities.

  • Owners and Subcontractors must provide a current certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $300,000 or more naming Skyline Marina as additional insured.
  • Owners and Subcontractors and their employees must sign in and out daily with the marina office. Failure to sign in or out will subject the boat owner to a $40.00 per day, per employee, non-compliance fee (NCF).
  • Contractor cost for yard privileges is $5.00 per hour, per employee, calculated by the time posted on the Contractor sign-in, sign-out sheet in the marina office. Payment of all Subcontractor hours will be the responsibility of the boat owner.
  • Lay day charges begin the day of an offload, haul out, completion of Skyline performed work, or any delay of Skyline work as a result of the actions of an owner and/or their agent.
  • Contractors and DIY’s must get the yard manager’s approval of work project(s) before starting. All ladders and tools must be provided by Do-It-Yourself customers or contractors.
  • After hour work is prohibited. Check with the marina office for current business hours.
  • Disposal of oils, thinners, solvents, resins, antifreeze, etc. – please see the yard store for disposal instruction and fees.
  • Job sites must be kept free of pollutants and swept or vacuumed upon completion of work each day. There should be no visible paint dust or chips on the tarp after clean up, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Contractors and DIY’s will not pollute surface waters, ground, or air at Skyline. No paint sanding or scraping without a ground covering and tenting in place. Power sanding and painting must be confined to an enclosure – and limited to dustless sanders. NO WET SANDING or PRESSURE WASHING. NO EXCEPTIONS. Tent materials available for purchase at yard office. (Vacuum Sanders must be rented before arrival, local stores no longer rent them out).

Example of proper tenting: fully enclosed with plastic, supports for plastic to rest on, tenting attached to hull of boat and secured to ground (note: tenting doesn’t need to be shrink-wrap material like this picture)

  • Skyline’s insurance does not permit Contractor’s & DIY’s to live aboard while working in the yard.
  • Use of Alcohol or Drugs are prohibited in our yard. NO SMOKING. No Pets Allowed.
  • Skyline’s insurance does not permit Contractors and DIY’s to work in Skyline shed or shop areas, or to move boat stands. Ask the yard manager for assistance. Contractors & DIY’s may not operate marina equipment, including travelift, tractors, cranes, forklifts, hydraulic trailers, monorails, etc.
  • Contractors and DIY’s will familiarize themselves with and observe all posted yard rules.
  • THE GOOD FAITH RULE: Contractors will not solicit business while working at Skyline Marina. Non-compliance with this rule will result in loss of yard privilege.
  • All invoices are due and payable before the vessel is launched. Skyline Marina requires all DIY Yard customers to have a major credit card on file for payment assurance.
  • Skyline Marina is not responsible for loss or damage to vessel or articles left in or attached to vessel as a result of fire, theft, accident, vandalism, spray painting, and acts of God; nor for liability to owners, guests, etc. whether working or visiting the yard premises.
  • ***SMC recommends the use of “Non-Copper Paints and Aluminum Anodes.”

If you are found not complying with all the rules stated above there will be a fine of $250.00 per occurrence.