There is lots of excitement in the air here at Skyline Marina. Our progress with a new office building, docks, launch and parking area is ongoing but nearing completion. Thank you for all the positive feedback you have given us up to this point. Customers are happy with the upgrades and have been letting us know! I have included a glimpse of what has been happening here to bring you up to date! We have more phases coming in the near future. We will continue to keep you posted as the news develops!

It is always a treat to spend time with our launch crew and see a glimpse of what their day looks like. Definitely a hard working bunch that works well as a team.

Up . . .

Up . . .

And . . . away to storage!

It’s Demo Day! We have several photos and videos to show of our old office building coming down. Once the old office building was torn down you could see the new one clearly. Now there is room for the other 2 buildings to come in near future. The foundation for Building #2 will begin in August. We will keep you posted on those.

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