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Improvements at Skyline Marine Center

Since taking over the marina ten years ago, numerous upgrades have been made.
 2008: New roof on Shed Storage building.
 2008: Upgraded public parking lot and DIY Yard.
 2010: Complete dredging of the marina and entrance.
 2014: North Island Boat Co was built
 2014: Complete remodel for main Marina office.
 2015: Old restaurant building removed.
 2015: Skyline Village, Phase 1 started.
 2016: New TA, TB & TC Docks, Stationary lift & Travel Lift ways.
 2017: Skyline Village, Phase II begins, Completion of Lifts & Docks.

Facts about Skyline Marine Center

Located in the rain-shadow of the Olympic mountains, Skyline receives between 20 inches of rainfall per year. In summer, afternoon winds prevail from the southeast. In winter, expect north and north-easterlies.

To exceed customers expectation, by providing reasonably priced amenities, in a well maintained facility with warm attentive service.

The Marina team understands that we earn our reputation one relationship at a time, and our dedication to “following the fundamentals” helps to ensure that we are providing top-notch client service.

Doing the Right Thing – We strive to do what’s right and act with integrity at all times.

Providing Extraordinary Service – Our expectations is to exceed your expectations, all of the time.

Taking Responsibility – If something needs fixing, we encourage all Marina team members to step up to the opportunity and fix the problem. As the old expression goes, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We always aspire to be a part of the solution.

Our success is measured by the length of our client relationships and by the quality of our client references. Our goal has been and remains, to have the best references in the business!

Our promise is to conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, and in doing so, earn the utmost respect possible from our customers and vendors.

To deliver exceptional service we are committed to the following principles:

  • We will treat each customer with courtesy. Greet them with a smile and by name.
  • We will make our customers’ experience with us easy and hassle free, treating them fairly, professionally and promptly.
  • When we make a mistake we will acknowledge it, apologize, and correct it quickly and cheerfully.
  • We will listen empathetically to our customers and strive to exceed their expectations, doing whatever it takes to address their needs. We are empowered to solve problems on the spot even if it means we may have to modify or bend rules on occasion when necessary.
  • We will be knowledgeable in our duties and always know the facts when answering questions. If we do not know the answer we will say so and get the answer promptly. We will never ignore a problem or complaint. We will move quickly to solve all problems.
  • We will be patient and tolerant knowing that anyone may have a “bad day” but we will not take it personally. We will organize and execute around these priorities.

Quickest Route to the San Juan Islands

  • Thatcher Pass – 4.5 miles
  • Center Island – 5 miles
  • Deception Pass – 5.5 miles
  • Blakely Island Marina – 7 miles
  • Rosario Resort – 13 miles
  • Deer Harbor – 14 miles
  • Fisherman’s Bay (Lopez) – 14 miles
  • Friday Harbor – 15 miles
  • Bellingham – 18 miles
  • Sucia Island – 20 miles
  • Port Townsend – 22 miles
  • Roche Harbor – 25 miles
  • Sidney, B.C. – 28 miles
  • Victoria, B.C. – 33 miles

Meet Our Team


Kelly Larkin – General Manager

Marina Staff – Betty, Atalo, Barney, Matt & Jamie

Extremely proud to manage an amazing team of qualified employees who constantly exceed customer requirements.
Connect with me on Google+ at +Kelly Larkin

I may not have the answer, but I’ll find it. I may not have the time, but I’ll make it. I’ll be the most committed to making your stay with us a success.

The entire Skyline Marine Center yard team shares a common goal – making sure our yard performs beyond customer expectations.

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